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SamuraiClick is the first professional website endorsing online gaming affiliate programs to the digital products affiliate community in Japan.

SamuraiClick.com offers a great number of benefits in lowering the hurdles for Japanese affiliates to make their step into gaming, as well as continued support to ensure maximum results from each affiliate's activities.

Access to over 30,000 affiliates!

For an operator of an online gaming website, SamuraiClick offers a unique opportunity to access a network of over 30,000 affiliates in Japan to penetrate the Japanese market.

Japan has always been very active in affiliating for various online services and products with a thriving community of affiliates, but affilite programs for online gaming have never been able to find a way to tap into this pool of affiliates.

SamuraiClick offers an extraordinary chance for online gaming operators to have access to these experienced affiliates, at the same time create a bridge to smootly allow affiliates to take on gaming products as a part of their portfolio.

An expert in affiliate marketing for the Japanese market

The management team in SamuraiClick.com we have been the pioneers on the Japanese market for affiliate marketing of digital products since 2005.

By building the trust of affiliates through long years of business relationships, we have expanded our network of affiliates to over 30,000, contributing to our success of continuously ranking among the top 10 products sold on the largest digital products portals such as Infotop.jp.

The products which had been sold through this network consist of largely gaming related strategy products, such as FX strategy, lotto strategy, horse racing strategy, poker strategy, etc., ensuring a smooth process for our step into endorsing online casino and other gaming service affiliate programs in SamuraiClick.com.

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